Everything in the PlantLife range comes from organic farming or from wild collection. Our products are enriched with delicious taste and nutrients from the sun and earth, neither picked too early nor too late, then gently dried, naturally cleaned and carefully packaged, without artificial preservatives or flavourings.

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We believe in the original power of wild foods, and we work closely with farming communities to support the wild collection of local fruits and nuts.


Unsulfured, unoiled, unadulterated: We believe that good taste does not need additives, and therefore keep our products as natural as possible. For pure, authentic enjoyment.


We are committed to sustainable business practices and environmentally friendly growing methods to leave the earth in a better state than we found it.


We want to protect and celebrate life in all its forms - from the plants that produce our products, to the people who live healthier and happier lives through them.

Our Bestseller

PlantLife Bukhara Raisins Organic
Organic "Black Bukhara" Raisins
From £4.79 Tax included.
PlantLife Khorog Raisins Organic
Organic "Green Khorog" Raisins
From £6.99 Tax included.
PlantLife Manucca Raisins Organic
Organic "Manucca" Raisins
£7.99 Tax included.
PlantLife Cashew breaks Organic
Organic Cashew Pieces
£9.99 Tax included.
Sold Out
PlantLife Dried Chokeberries Organic
Organic Chokeberries
£7.99 Tax included.
PlantLife Dried Banana Organic
Organic Dried Baby Bananas
£5.99 Tax included.
PlantLife Dried Coconut Organic
Organic Dried Coconut Cubes
£6.99 Tax included.
PlantLife Dried Mango Organic
Organic Dried Mango Cheeks
From £4.79 Tax included.
PlantLife Jumbo Cashews Organic
Organic Jumbo Cashew Kernels
From £4.79 Tax included.
PlantLife Cereal Killer Mix Organic
Organic Nut Fruit Mix "Cereal Killer"
From £4.79 Tax included.
Sold Out
PlantLife Raw Pistachio Kernels Organic
Organic Pistachio Kernels
From £9.99 Tax included.
Sold Out
PlantLife Sicilian Almonds Organic
Organic Sicilian Almonds
£9.99 Tax included.
PlantLife Sweet Apricot Kernels Organic
Organic Sweet Apricot Kernels
£9.99 Tax included.
Sold Out
PlantLife Trail Mix Organic
Organic Trail Mix
£6.99 Tax included.
Sold Out

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