Nuts & Dried Fruits From Wild Collection

What does it mean to Pick Wild?

We believe in the power of nature. For thousands of years, humans have trusted nature to provide us with the nutrition, energy, and strength we need to survive and operate at peak performance. But recently, all that has changed.

Wild food is any food that grows naturally, without human management. Usually, the access to wild food is through our wild-picking– an activity we love, support and recommend! But sadly, unless wild walnuts grow in your backyard, some products will be impossible to source. That’s where PlantLife comes in, working with pickers to harvest all the wild natural goodness of nature for a range of products sourced from around the world.

Benefits of Wild Food

Wild foods are usually rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, which serve as protective measures for the plant and can offer similar benefits for us after we consume them. They’re also rich in overall nutrients, free of chemicals, and are usually great for biodiversity and the surrounding ecosystem in the landscapes where they grow naturally.

Another benefit of wild food is that it’s guaranteed to be in season, without the use of artificial chemicals and methods to produce it year-round. Our ancestors lived on the wild food they gathered, strengthening their immune systems through the constant variety of the natural cycle.

Our wild-grown produce flourishes along mountain paths and in secluded forests, undisturbed by humans. Without chemicals, pesticides, and artificial farming techniques, they mature slowly and fully. When ripe, we gently pick them, dry them using natural methods, then use our advanced packaging to seal in all the natural freshness and taste.