All Plastic is Not Created Equal

PlantLife's Packaging Philosophy - Preservation of Flavours and 100% Recyclable

PlantLife packaging – attractive, unique, eye-catching and... plastic?

So, you might be thinking - why would a brand that’s all about nature and sustainability be using plastic to seal products?

We think you deserve a straight answer.

Our priority is always to preserve nature’s unique and amazing flavours. Our advanced monolayer plastic is chosen because of its ability to seal in taste and freshness through what experts call “advanced barrier functionality” or, in everyday English, high product quality protection. Plus, it’s made from 100% recyclable plastic so you can put your empty packs in the plastic waste recycling.

Is it the cheapest? No, it’s not! But it’s the right choice for freshness, flavour, and sustainability. And it means you can store your PlantLife products in their original packaging to help maintain their natural quality.

As for recyclable packaging made of advanced paper that can guarantee the same freshness - let’s just say we’re working on it.

  1. Our packaging is 100% recyclable mono-substrate 25HD200.
  2. This low-density material can easily be routed through most European recycling circuits.
  3. Our ink and protective wrap are both solvent-free to ensure optimal recyclability and protection.
  4. We are setting the market trend by offering larger packaging formats.
  5. Bigger packs = less waste, so if you want to go the extra mile for the planet, grab one of our larger pack sizes and stock up for the winter.